Low Light Laser Therapy in Chennai

Laser Therapy in Chennai

Hair Loss normally has a devastating psychological impact on a person, especially women, which knocks your self-confidence and probably creating you withdraw from social life. It harms both our personal and professional life. Fortunately today there are numerous ways to reverse the signs of hair loss out of which the most effective is Low-light laser hair therapy (LLLT), a revolutionary, non-surgical breakthrough for each man and women tormented by the devastating effects of hair loss. Additionally, it is also called red light therapy, low light therapy, cold laser, soft laser, bio stimulation and photobiomodulation), that uses infra-red laser beams to treat a range of health conditions, one amongst that is hair loss. LLLT is a painless therapy that requires a minimal time commitment. It decreases inflammation, increases local blood flow and stimulates hair growth. It is proven scientific way to enhance hair growth after transplantation with effective results with no side effects.


  • Safe, effective, painless, and bloodless without any complications to treat hair loss in 85% of patients
  • Increases hair strength and elasticity.
  • Fuller, shinier, softer, thicker hair.
  • Repairs damage usually caused by chemical services.
  • Delivers light-weight energy directly from completely different positions without loss of light properties to confirm appropriate dosage.
  • It is FDA approved, and it has been scientifically proven to be both safe and highly effective for hair restoration, once used properly.
  • Effective for patients with hair loss thanks to alternative causes (diffuse alopecia, alopecia areata, drug-induced alopecia, chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Very effective for women with severe hair loss after pregnancy or menopause.

How LLLT works for Hair Loss?

Firstly, LLLT uses a light that produces a selected wavelength (typically within the range of 630 to 670 nanometers) that contains a distinctive ability to be absorbed by the molecules of the hair follicles. This type of light penetrates the scalp and stimulates the epidermal stem cells that are responsible for the regeneration of hair follicles. The exaggerated blood flow that LLLT causes helps to extend the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. Finally, LLLT stimulates metabolic processes necessary for hair growth and helps to forestall the build-up of DHT within the follicles.


The success of laser hair therapy varies greatly from person to person betting on various aspects of your health, numerous alternative treatments you are undergoing, and the severity of your hair loss. The primary results of LLLT hair loss treatment can be visibly seen from the second month after commencement of the treatment. The results of the treatment are visible after the first 4 to 6 sittings. The sittings are done weekly once. The full treatment cycle includes 24 sittings. Once the full treatment is completed the results of the LLLT can be maintained with home care for an extended period of time.


Dr.Senthil Sivaprakasam at Radiance uses the USFDA approved HLCC Low Level Laser Therapy to get the maximum results for the patients. When combined with the appropriate home care the results are visible as fuller and thicker hairs. We at radiance have not only helped our patients for hair loss but also helped them to get rid of emotional and psychological consequences like anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal.

Authored By Dr.Senthil Sivaprakasam - Dermatology MBBS MD, Chennai