Wart Mole Removal in Chennai


All of us wish to look perfect without any flaws. Any flaw that makes us uncomfortable and unpleasant requires aesthetic treatment. One facial flaw seen in many folks is that the presence of moles. A mole is outlined as a benign style of a skin lesion. Although completely harmless and non-cancerous, they can be embarrassing if settled in a visible part of your body. A single mole or wart can even wreck up your peace of mind, making you extremely embarrassed about how you look or how others perceive you. Warts and moles are common skin lesions that grow naturally. If you’re trying to clear your skin of unpleasant warts or moles, Laser can be one of the best options. Laser treatment ensures that you go home with a healthy and clear skin devoid of moles and warts. Lasers ensure quick healing and good cosmetic results.


You may want a Laser wart and mole removal treatment if you have -

  • Small superficial moles, coffee-cream birthmarks or skin tags, that is flat and freshly developed
  • Disfiguring and embarrassing warts on your fingers, finger nails, face, feet hands, elbows, and knees


  • Quick, easy, and relatively painless
  • No Scarring
  • Inexpensive
  • Enhances your appearance and self-esteem


The treatment for Laser wart and mole removal starts only if moles or warts have been cleared of potential pre-cancerous lesions by the doctor.

The doctor numbs the area with gel or local anesthesia. Afterward, a laser is used to excise the pigmentation in the mole. The pigment is then cleared away by the body’s natural healing processes. The lasers used are precise and simply vaporize troublesome warts or unsightly moles within seconds, leaving the inner healthy layers and adjacent skin unscathed.

To remove the wart, Dr.Senthil Sivaprakasam focuses the laser energy directly on the wart tissue. The majority of laser light bypasses the upper layers i.e. epidermis of the skin and concentrates on the small blood vessels that feed the wart close to the dermis of the skin. It seals off the blood vessels as it vaporizes the lesion. Hence, there is no bleeding and no suturing required. Carbon dioxide laser ablation is considered as a treatment for wart. Mole removal or wart removal treatment procedure hardly takes only a couple of hours. The patient is ready to go home post treatment. The skin may heal in around one week. Some moles and warts can heal with just no scars.


The doctor may offer you some type of antibiotic cream to use on the affected areas and recommend sunblock creams to avoid the sunshine. Also, he will also give some additional post-treatment instructions on keeping your skin safe like wearing looser clothing and keeping the treated areas dry.


There is a small risk of infection, pain, swelling, redness, tenderness or sensitivity to the sun. Blisters can occur occasionally which can be subsidized with doctor’s medication.


Radiance uses the best techniques and infrastructure for laser wart and mole removal to ensure the blemish free and perfectly flawless skin without any pain and leaves minimal if any scarring.

Authored By Dr.Senthil Sivaprakasam - Dermatology MBBS MD, Chennai