Fairness Treatment in Chennai

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Everyone today has the obsession for fair and flawless skin tone. In India, the skin tone of most of the people is dark. We all struggle with many fairness treatment products to deal with dark spots and blemishes on the skin. Individuals with the dark complexion have more melanin which determines the colour of the skin. The melanin content in your skin generally depends on your genetic makeup. Certain factors like hormones, skin damage, exposure to sunlight, exposure to some chemicals normally affect the production of melanin which makes your skin dark. The enzymatic action also causes the development of local dark spots.

Radiance offers safe, tested and proven skin fairness treatment options that not only help in attaining fairness alone but also in achieving supple, gorgeous, natural looking healthy and radiant skin. Dr.Senthil Sivaprakasam avoids all kind of aggressive agents and treatments that seek to do more harm than good and work with you on the long-term care and maintenance of your skin.

Types of Treatments for Fairness

Radiance offers various Fairness Treatment options like oral medications, chemical peels, laser treatments and hydrafacials which help your skin to get an instant fairness and boost the tone and quality of the skin which is safe for all types of skin.

There are different types of chemical peels varying according to your skin problem, skin condition and the melanin deposits on the skin. Peels help in getting an even skin tone. With the Chemical Peel treatment, the new skin becomes smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. It can be done on the face, neck, or hands.

Latest Advanced Laser treatments like Laser resurfacing and Carbon Laser peel help to gain skin fairness and even skin tone. In this procedure, short pulses of concentrated beams of light are targeted to the affected area which stimulates the growth of new skin cells giving a lighter radiant skin tone. There may be some side effects like burning sensation, redness, swelling and itching depending on the type of laser treatment used which subsequently subsides with doctor’s advice.


Generally, we use natural remedies and options for improving skin colour and tone. Also, some creams which contain turmeric and sandalwood increase the sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet light making it darker. It can give rise to allergies like itching. Dr.Senthil Sivaprakasam helps you with a tailor-made fairness treatment specifically designed with individual aspirations and lifestyles to get fairness without any side effects. However, results may vary from person to person, since each individual is different and unique. RADIANCE does not believe in the just fair skin but in uniform color and smooth texture of the skin tone.

Authored By Dr.Senthil Sivaprakasam - Dermatology MBBS MD, Chennai