Regenera Activa Treatment in Chennai

Best Regenera Activa in Chennai

There is nothing quite as depressing as hair loss,for some. Hair fall, hair loss and ultimately baldness is not uncommon in today’s world of environmental pollution and contaminated water, not to mention stress and busy lifestyle.

Loss of hair occurs when there is a disruption in the normal growth process of the hair. In recent studies, scientists have found that the most common cause of hair loss or baldness in men and women is due to Androgenetic alopecia, which in turn is due to change in the level of male hormones or androgens. This shift in hormone level is said to be the major cause of hair loss in about 70 per cent of men. It affects not only the rate of hair growth but also the density of the hair follicle and also the number of hairs growing from a single root. A healthy hair root can develop not 1 but up to 4 hairs. In male pattern balding the hair loss is more towards the front whereas the women the hair loss occurs as diffuse thinning of the hair. The treatment of hair loss is now shifted towards identifying the key factors that trigger or block the regeneration of the hair roots. One of the main reasons for the hair loss occurring more on the front and top than on the sides and back is due to the sensitivity of these hair roots to DHT(dihydrotestosterone). The first solution to this problem was to use medicines that blocked DHT, but this led to unnecessary side effects especially related to sexual function. This opened up new areas of research that was natural, safe and effective.

Meanwhile, some path-breaking research has been done on using your own healthy cells from the scalp to regenerate new cells and hair. Regenera Activa is a product of such research and an innovative treatment procedure by which hair growth can be effectively stimulated. This procedure makes use of cells from your own scalp to stimulate other areas of the scalp where there is a hair fall or where the hair is becoming weak and thin. It has been proven to be safe and approved by medical authorities in various countries.

Regenera Activa is a very simple treatment. It takes only about 45 minutes to complete the treatment. A tiny bit of tissue is removed using a punch from behind the ear on any one side and then the micro grafts are prepared by placing the skin tissue in the deposable kits. Once the grafts are ready they are injected into the areas where the patient is having hair loss and thinning.

After the treatment the patients are advised to continue the hoe care regimen properly. The results of the treatemnt are visible as early as 1 month. The first think that the patients see is that the number of hairs falling comes down. the density improvement and new hairs growth are visble from the 4th month onwards. the full results are visible around the 6th month after treatment.

The treatment is very safe and there are no major side effects or complications from the treatment. The results of the treatment can last upto 2 to 3 years.